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Welcome to Henry’s Bullfrog Bees & Pure Honey’s first ever blog post! This is a whole new ballpark for us and we are excited to share the ins and outs of our apiary on the blog with you monthly. We thought we would start by giving an introduction to Henry’s Bullfrog Bees & Pure Honey family. 

We are a traditional yet modern family. Henry and Robin Harlan were married in 2008. In 2009 Henry and Robin packed their bags and moved up to Winters, California to begin their next adventure an apiary. Henry was born and raised in Yolo County. His family has farmed in Yolo for seven generations. This is the land that he loves and the place he always knew he would come back to. He did just that and began his own legacy, Henry’s Bullfrog Bees Apiary, “Get a Jump on Pollination.”

Robin had a successful career in real estate until the recession hit. During this tough time, she came up with the idea of branding and selling high-end raw honey and honey products. She asked Henry to place the hives in wildflower fields and orange groves to create two raw varietals of honey. With a passion for cooking and her experiences as a culinary teacher Robin decided to create the infused lavender, cinnamon, habanero, and honey caramel sauce. Robin grew-up working and distributing dairy products for her Father, the owner of Kirk Ragland Dairy. 

Well now this is where I come along, Doneice (Robin’s Daughter and Henry’s Step Daughter) In 2009 I graduated from Fresno State with a Recreation Administration degree. All was hopeful and shiny until reality hit me smack in the face. Graduating in the recession lead to a tough and highly competitive job market. Looking for any opportunity to work I called my Mom and Henry and asked if they needed some help around the apiary. Shortly after I moved to Winters to work for my Mom and Henry. Sometimes you are not sure what direction you are headed, but the universe knows exactly where it is taking you. Every day I am grateful for the opportunity to-do what I love with my family.

We have worked together every step of the way. Blood, sweat, tears, and lots of laughter has gone into Henry’s Bullfrog Bees and Pure Honey. Today we have over 5,000 hives. We could not do what we do every day without our awesome team. Henry has a team of six beekeepers. Then at the farm we have five team members who help run the operations at our facility. Thank  you for taking the time to learn about our story. We are fortunate to work with the beautiful bees every day and share the wonderful honey they make with our community.



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