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At Henry's Bullfrog Bees + Pure Honey we are grateful for our hardworking team that tends to the bees. Henry Harlan and the crew (pictured above) work together to keep healthy hives that produce top quality honey products and excellent pollination services. Your favorite Pure Honey would not be possible without this team and the beautiful bees of course. Being a beekeeper is not easy work. It takes someone who is willing to physically work hard, is gentle enough to care for the bees, wants to continuously learn about the best beekeeping practices and much more. Next time you enjoy your delicious bottle of Pure Honey BEE thankful for the beekeepers and the bees that make natures natural sugar we all enjoy so much. 

On the Pure Honey side of the business we have a small group of women that run the operations. You might recognize these ladies from the Davis Farmers Market or from other events around Yolo, Sacramento, and Sonoma counties. Each jar is bottle and labeled in-house by hand and distributed by us. This is why our slogan is "From Our Bees to Your Table," because Pure Honey comes straight from our hives into our extraction room, into a holding tank, then bottled and labeled. We are grateful to the ladies that work on the operational side of Pure Honey. 

To learn more about Henry's Bullfrog Bees + Pure Honey check our documentary produced by our friends at Food Folk 

When you shop local and eat local you are investing in your community. Money goes back into your local economy, you help support and create jobs and have less of a carbon footprint. Not to mention that local businesses/farms provide significant support to local non-profits. Thank you to our customers for the continued support and love. Our job wouldn't be possible without you! 

 Photo by Food Folk 

Pure Honey Pairing: 

We love making honey and cheese pairings. One of our fan favorites is Pure Honey with mascarpone cheese, pistachio dust, and pomegranate seeds. Not only is this pairing delicious but it is beautiful too. The recipe and a picture is below.


  • Pure Orange Blossom Honey
  • Mascarpone Cheese 
  • Pistachios 
  • Pomegranate seeds 
  • Rice Crackers 


  • Mix mascarpone cheese and orange blossom honey to taste. You can make it extremely sweet or with just a hint of honey. It all depends you what you prefer. 
  • Place pistachios with no shells in a food processor or blender. Blend until it is a fine powdery consistency but still has a few pistachio chunks. 
  • Place the mixed mascarpone cheese and honey over a rice cracker add the pistachio dust then the pomegranates. 
  • You can use this pairing as a appetizer or dessert and enjoy! 

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Garden tips:  

Are you planning your spring garden?  A sweet reminder, be kind to the bees and other insects by planting a pollinator friendly garden. Monarch butterflies have experienced a 86% decline in California! Create a habitat for monarchs by growing milkweed. Not only do the butterflies love this flower but bees do too. Below is a pictures of a monarch foraging in our garden on Tropical Milkweed. 


If you have any questions please contact us at

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We are always looking for new locations to place our bees that are free from any sprays and offer our bees a healthy foraging experience. If you are interested please contact Henry Harlan (530) 681-2971. 

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